Elevate Your Yoga Career is a 6 months coaching & mentorship program that has been created specifically for committed and dedicated yoga teachers (like you) who are now ready to stand out from the crowd, get more students and make the income and impact they desire.

This is a transformational program where you will not only learn how to market your yoga classes but also how to grow your community, create offerings such as workshops, retreats and courses so you do not have to teach 5 classes a day to make a living.

You are here because you want to move forward and you know that building your own yoga business is THE only way.

  • You want to attract more people but you do not know how or even where to find them.
  • You are ready to follow a proven method to build an entire business, not just one course…
  • You are done trying to do it all alone and your are ready to fast track your results with someone that has your back 100%

What Others Are Saying

” Being new at starting my own yoga business, I felt very overwhelmed. With the support of Gwen and the private group, I am gaining so much clarity on what to do. Her method is clear, simple and powerful and she has a beautiful way of keeping you on track of your goals by giving you clear steps and actions.”

It is time to invest in a program that helps you grow your income

  • You know that you will not be able to create the income, freedom and life you desire by just teaching drop-in classes.
  • Creating your dream yoga business does not mean go ONLINE and create 1 self paced course thinking that it will sell by itself… non sense!
  • You are here for the long run! You want to create a full suite of offers to guide your students at different stages. 
  • It is time to ditch those limiting beliefs and get the help you need to make this happen.

Julie created, launched and sold out her online course after just 2 months in this program! She is still in and we are now creating her own membership portal. 

This could be you!

This program is for you if...

  • You want to leverage the online world to get more freedom.
  • You know you want to offer more than drop-in classes online or in a studio. You want to create a suite of offers to meet your students where they are at.
  • Instead of investing in another yoga training, this time you are ready to invest in a program to learn how to share everything you have learned so far.
  • You do not want to run from class to class, teaching 5 classes a day to make a living.
  • You no longer want to waste your time testing free strategies you found on the web and you are ready to follow an effective system to grow your dream biz.
  • You are committed to do the work!

Imagine if...

You have an easy system and step by step method to help you establish your brand and build a strong community around it.


Your social media posts and newsletter do not take days to create and are a reflection of your core values, your message and your mission.


You are creating powerful and meaningful classes that students love and come back to. You have no issues sequencing, cueing or leading unique and authentic classes.


You can finally grow your own business and make the income you need without working 10 hours/day.


You feel confident and clear about your career as a yoga teacher and ditch the imposter syndrome.


You have 100% support and guidance from an experienced yoga teacher that has built a successful online and in-person yoga business.

Hey, I am Gwen 🌴

I’m helping yoga teachers (like youcreate and sell out their offerings so they can get the life, income and freedom they desire. I combine teaching skills expertise with simple, yet powerful, marketing and business strategies so you can finally become a confident yoga teacher and successful business owner.


Why me? Because I have spent the last 7 years growing a very successful yoga business in person in Bali AND online plus I have helped over 3000 yoga teachers elevate their yoga careers. I also enrolled more than 100 students in ONE single online self-paced teacher training course that took me 2 weeks to create from idea to launch… this without ads + I grew my Facebook group from 200 members to 1400 members in just 90 days… again without ads. And I am ready to share all of that with you!

What Others Are Saying

” I joined this program to help me elevate my yoga business and reach more people with my offerings. I love the fact this program is self paced and Gwen is accessible to advices and support when needed and also, Gwen makes time to review and comment on homework which I find very helpful. I feel I’m receiving real personal support.

I’ve taken a couple yoga business courses and viewed others, and none so far seemed as comprehensive, organized, and appealing as this one. Thank you!“
– Adrienne

Elevate your yoga career is THE missing piece!

If you feel like you have been stuck and thinking about your next step is just too overwhelming, you found your tribe! Gwen and the whole community will be there with you every step of the way to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it! 

You will get 1:1 time with Gwen EVERY week for 6 full months and that alone will catapult your business

This is not a course with hundreds of other

yoga teachers!

In this course, you will receive 1:1 support and truly have a full tribe of people having your back and helping you reach your goal.

Our only goal is to see you succeed!

Did you say Bonus?!

And of course, we have plenty of Bonuses as the course is always improving! Here are a few of the many bonuses you can find in the program:

  • Headline Templates For ALL Your Posts + Emails
  • Masterclass + Template ” Create Your 6-month Content Calendar”
  • Email Sequence For Your Freebie
  • Masterclass ” Create Your Own Workshop” + Template
  • Masterclass ” How To Track Your Leads” + Excel Sheet Ready To Use!
  • Masterclass + Template ” The Only DM Script You Will Ever Need”
  • Sacred Sales Training For Yoga Teachers + Step-By-Step Method + Script
  • Engage With Purpose Online Course – To know my exact strategy to grow my group from 200 to over 2000 members in just 6 months

And so much more!

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What Others Are Saying

“I can definitely recommend Gwen’s Elevate Your Yoga Career Mentorship program. It’s been very useful in helping me determine my niche, gain clarity and it provided me with detailed steps of how to create and launch different products. It was useful in terms of marketing and technology and the weekly support calls were great as Gwen provided us with accountability, encouragement and help with any problems we had. What I liked, in particular, is Gwen’s ability to help me chunk everything down to small actionable steps and reduce overwhelm. I would definitely encourage everybody interested in taking their yoga career further to enrol in the mentorship programme. Thanks for your help, Gwen.”

– Ania Huth

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