The popularity of handstands has grown exponentially over the past decade, with people from all different backgrounds and physical abilities wanting to learn this skill. The feeling that you get from balancing the entire weight of your body on just your hands while inverted, even if only for a few seconds, is something that every person should have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime.

Contrary to popular belief, handstands do not require incredible strength or flexibility; nor do you need to have ever been able to handstand before. With the proper tools, tailored to your unique body's requirements, nearly everyone is capable of learning to handstand.

Whether you are brand new to handstands, have been trying to master them for a while, or somewhere in between; this course has something for everyone who is looking to find their best handstand yet.

Scorpion Handstand

Lisa's Handstand Journey

I was not a child gymnast, or even very athletic when I was younger. In fact, the first time I attempted a handstand was in my mid-twenties, and that was with the use of a wall.

It wasn't until several years into my yoga practice that I even considered beginning the journey of learning how to handstand. Through observing inspiring yogis around me float up with such effortless ease, I knew I had to give it a shot.

To say the journey has been an easy one would be amiss. I have spent hundreds of hours both learning about and practicing handstands. As such, I have gained valuable insights into what works, as well as what doesn't, when it comes to learning this skill.

I'm so excited to share my knowledge with you, so that you too can experience the indescribable feeling of balancing your whole body upside down on your hands.

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